Multiplan History
Years 2010
July, 2010 Interest increase in Shopping Pátio Savassi, to 96.5%.
November, 2010 Interest increase in Shopping Santa Úrsula, going to 62.5%.
August, 2011 Delivery of commercial tower for sale, Crystal Tower, in Porto Alegre.
November, 2011 Opening of ParkShopping São Caetano, in são Paulo.
February, 2012 Stake increase from 30% to 60% in Shopping Vila Olímpia, in São Paulo.
February, 2012 Sale of Morumbi Business Center office tower, in São Paulo.
October, 2012 Opening of JundiaíShopping, in São Paulo.
November, 2012 Opening of ParkShoppingCampoGrande, in Rio de Janeiro.
December, 2012 Opening of VillageMall, in Rio de Janeiro.
December, 2012 Delivery of the commercial tower, ParkShopping Corporate, in Rio de Janeiro.
August, 2013 Delivery of the commercial tower MorumbiCorporate, in São Paulo.
December, 2013 Opening of Parque Shopping Maceió, in Maceió.
October, 2016 Interest increase in BarraShopping, going to 61.3%.
October, 2016 Interest increase in MorumbiShopping, to 73.7%.
December, 2016 Interest increase in BarraShopping, going to 65.8%.
January, 2017 Interest increase in ParkShoppingBarigüi, going to 93.3%.
November, 2017 Opening of ParkShopping Canoas, in Canoas.
Years 2000
January, 2001 Delivery of the BarraShopping Office Center in Rio de Janeiro, containing 11 commercial buildings.
May, 2002 Launch of the Península Green residential condominium in the Península region of Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, located 800 meters from BarraShopping.
November, 2003 Opening of the ParkShoppingBarigui in Curitiba, one of the best shopping centers in the state of Paraná.
February, 2005 Launch of the Royal Green Península residential condominium in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.
June, 2006 Partnership with the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, through its Cadillac Fairview subsidiary.
December, 2006 Interest increase in Diamond Mall, reaching 90.0%.
July, 2007 Beginning of negotiations in Bovespa's Corporate Governance Level 2 and acquisition of 83.8% of Shopping pátio Savassi in Belo Horizonte.
April, 2008 Acquisition of a 37.5% interest in Shopping Santa Úrsula in Ribeirã o Preto, são Paulo.
November, 2008 Opening of BarraShoppingSul in Porto Alegre.
September, 2009 Public primary offering of 29,900,000 common stocks in Bovespa.
November, 2009 Opening of Shopping Vila Olímpia in são Paulo.
Years 1990
February, 1992 Launch of the seaside Barra Golden Green residential condominium, on Avenida Sernambetiba in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. Some 14 buildings occupy 6.5% of the 137,000 m2 of the plot of land, with gardens designed by landscaper Burle Marx and the first illuminated golf course in Latin America.
August, 1993 Delivery of the Morumbi Office Tower, the commercial building that anticipated the success of the new são Paulo area, Avenida Berrini.
January,1995 Launch of IL Villaggio, a luxury residential condominium on Ocean Drive, in Miami. It consists of 127 apartments distributed on 16 floors, all with sea views.
November, 1996 Opening of DiamondMall in Belo Horizonte, the precursor of the fashion-style mall. It unites renowned domestic and international brand names in a single location.
November, 1999 Opening of New York City Center in Rio de Janeiro, a shopping center dedicated to entertainment.
November,1999 Opening of the ShoppingAnáliaFranco, which became a point of reference for the East Zone of the city of são Paulo.
Years 1980
May, 1981 Opening of RibeirãoShopping, in Ribeirão Preto in the hinterlands of São Paulo state, a property that dictates fashion and exercises influence over a radius of approximately 100 km.
October, 1981 Opening of BarraShopping in Rio de Janeiro, one of the largest shopping and entertainment complexes in Latin America.
May, 1982 Opening of MorumbiShopping in são Paulo, considered one of the best shopping centers in the largest Brazilian state capital.
June, 1983 Launch of the Chácara Santa Elena residential condominium in são Paulo, made up of five buildings in an extensive forested area of 59,000 m2.
November, 1983 Opening of ParkShopping, top of mind in Brasília, which introduced a new shopping center concept into the federal capital.
Years 1970
February, 1975 Creation of Embraplan, the first Multiplan company with activities in Planning, Engineering and Projects. It pioneered construction of shopping centers with food courts and services galleries in Brazil.
September, 1979 Opening of the BH Shopping, the first for Multiplan and Minas Gerais, near the highway interchange that originated the brand logo that symbolizes the Company's shopping centers.
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