Our Strategy

Multiplan Our Strategy

Multiplan’s goal is to create sustainable growth while maintaining the quality of its existing portfolio in order to maximize value for its shareholders. Multiplan seeks to implement the following strategies, among others:

Identify markets and locations for future Shopping Center growth.

Multiplan believes that they have a well-defined growth strategy to pursue market opportunities in each region in which they operate and intend to operate. They also believe they can leverage their expertise to expand their shopping center business to other regions in Brazil. The Company strategy focuses on regions that have potential for economic development, population density and significant income levels. Multiplan believes they are well-positioned to benefit from a number of investment opportunities in the shopping center industry, particularly in the expansion of our existing properties, acquisition of additional stakes in their existing shopping centers, development of new shopping centers and the acquisition of shopping centers owned by third parties.

Seize opportunities in real estate development.

The Company will continue to focus on areas close to their shopping centers for new office and residential development projects to develop and grow the value of the area by selling or renting units, increasing the population in those surrounding areas and enabling increased consumer visits and potentially higher sales in their shopping centers.

Focus on improving returns and financial discipline.

Multiplan will continue to adopt sound business management procedures that are focused on reducing costs, maximizing existing business opportunities, optimizing the use of their assets and mitigating risks through the adoption of a strict policy for planning and control to be applied at all levels. The Company will continue to evaluate their investment opportunities in accordance with rigorous marketing and financial analyses in order to select those that add value and contribute to the fulfillment of their strategic objectives.

Invest in people, processes and technology.

The Company has a long-term strategic commitment to selecting and training the best professionals in the market, with compensation and performance plans aimed at motivating and retaining their employees. In addition, Multiplan intends to continue to invest in modern information systems to automate internal processes and reduce operating costs. Their management tools and systems are integrated with those of their shopping center tenants, allowing them to serve their customers in the most efficient manner possible and retain control of the management and operation of their properties.

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