Competitive Advantages

Multiplan Competitive Advantages

Multiplan’s competitive strengths include:

Interest, Management and Control in Shopping Centers. 

Multiplan holds a majority interest in eighteen out of nineteen shopping centers in which holds an equity interest. This has provided the Company with more flexibility than its competitors to expand, renovate and execute the company´s strategy.

Leading portfolio of shopping centers in Brazil.

Multiplan has a portfolio of shopping centers with a strong and mature mix of stores, strategically located in prime areas of large and developed urban centers and easily accessible from the commercial and residential areas in which our target customers are concentrated.

Well positioned for the consolidation of the shopping center industry in Brazil.

Throughout its existence, Multiplan developed and acquired shopping centers, which resulted in a leading portfolio of shopping centers in Brazil. The Company understands that the consolidation in the industry will take place mainly through the development of new projects, since the GLA per inhabitant in Brazil is still at very low levels, together with expansions and acquisitions.

Growth potential.

Multiplan’s well-defined strategies to increase their growth prospects, including, among others, expansion of their existing projects, development of new shopping centers and acquisition of new assets and equity interests in shopping centers in which the Company currently has an ownership interest in or that they manage. Multiplan believes that their consolidated assets, operational know-how and their experience executing acquisitions and expansions enhance their growth prospects and will enable them to generate value for their shareholders.

Innovative vision.

The Company has capitalized on an enterprising and innovative vision within the Brazilian real estate market, seeking to develop in new markets and find new business opportunities. The areas in which they have developed projects such as BarraShopping, BHShopping and RibeirãoShopping initially were sparsely populated areas, but have become economic and urban development centers since the opening of their shopping centers.

Strong brand recognition and commercial relationships.

Multiplan has a strong recognizable brand in the Brazilian shopping center industry. The Company believes that the strength of their brand allows them to generate new businesses, facilitates the launch and leasing of new shopping centers and expansions and strengthens their relationships with tenants. Most of the largest Brazilian retail chains are located in their shopping centers, supporting their growth strategy.

Full-service company.

Multiplan uses a vertically integrated approach in identifying new locations, planning, conducting feasibility studies and surveys, developing, supervising the construction, commercialization and, in the case of shopping centers, their management. The Company believes that this full-service integration aligns their interests and allows a global vision of their business and agility in management. Multiplan also provides strong shopping center management services, allowing them to attain higher levels of productivity.

Strategic partnerships.

One of Multiplan’s shareholders and their strategic partner is Ontario Teachers, which owns 100% of Cadillac Fairview, one of North America’s leading shopping center owners, managers and developers. With this partnership, Multiplan benefited from the shopping center know-how and expertise of Cadillac Fairview. The Company also has a track record of successful partnerships within their shopping center portfolio, as they have been partners with PREVI – Caixa de Previdência dos Funcionários do Banco do Brasil, or PREVI, the largest pension fund in Brazil, and other local pension funds, such as FUNCEF — Fundação dos Economiários Federais, and FAPES – Fundação de Assistência e Previdência Social do BNDES.

Experienced management team.

Multiplan’s professional and dedicated management team has an average of over 30 years of experience in the shopping center, office and residential real estate industries. This extensive experience is reflected in their success in adapting and anticipating solutions in light of the changing competitive scenario.

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